Architecture Constraints

Hardware Constraints
Constraint Name Description
HTC Vive We need user position tracking and movement tracking.
ZED For spatial mapping and a live stream of the environment.
Software Constraints
Constraint Name Description
Unity3D Unity provides an interface for the HTC Vive with the steamVR plugin. On top of that it renders the simulation.
Gazebo&ROS The simulation uses both systems.
OracleVM We use the VM for running Ubuntu on the same machine. You can also just use Ubuntu on a separate machine.
Blender We used blender to convert the roboy models so that Unity can import them.
Additional Plugins
Constraint Name Description
ROSBridge It connects the simulation on Ubuntu with Unity on Windows.
steamVR We use this interface to use the API of the HTC Vive.
ZED This interface connects the ZED (Roboy’s Eyes) with Unity.
PyXB This is used for reading XML files in the Model/World Updater.
Operating System Constraints
Constraint Name Description
Windows 10 We did not test it yet on other Windows versions. It may also work on older machines.
Ubuntu 16.04 The simulation runs on Ubuntu.
Programming Constraints
Constraint Name Description
C++ The simulation is written in C++.
C# Unity uses C# as the standard programming language.
Python We use Python with the Blender API to automate the process of converting the roboy models.