Different tools can be selected which provide unique functionalities, such as grabbing pointing and shooting. Tools can be changed by pressing the buttons on the side of the controller designated for the tools. The following picture shows the selection wheel with which the current tool is selected.

Tool Selection Wheel

The selection wheel offering different tools

Pointing Device

Pointing Device

Pointing Device to interact with Roboy and the UI

The pointing device is the standard device, it is the go-to tool when interacting with UI components and Roboy. It casts a laser, which highlights the pointed body part and gives haptic feedback when selecting something.


Hand Tool

Hand Tool to move Roboy around.

The hands are useful when interacting with the Roboy model, for example when pushing or pulling Roboy’s arm. More information can be found under the point Moving Roboy.


Time Tool

Tool to alter flow of time.

The whatch consists of a pocketwatch with one pointer, which can be manipulated by moving your finger over the touchpad representing the clock face. AAs of now there are no further functionalities. In the future it will be possible to control time, so to rewind the simulation and save/ load them on runtime.

Toy Gun

Shooting Tool

Tool to shoot at Roboy

One tool which can be selected is a toy gun. When pressing the trigger, foam projectiles shoot in the direction of the pointed gun. If desired, these projectiles can inflict forces on hit Roboy parts.